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Authentic NY Style Deli
Boars Head Cold Cuts
Dried Sausage, Cheeses, Olives
and Italian Specialties. We make
our own Fresh Mozzarella Daily
as well as Rice Balls, Broccoli
Rabe and Seasonal Favorites!
Certified Angus Beef, Highest Quality Pork,
Veal, Lamb. Bell & Evans Chicken,
Porchetta Roasts, Turkey London Broil
Specialty Roasts, Spedinis & Braccioles.
We make our own Pork, Turkey, Chicken
and Lamb Sausage and Kolbacz. Cheese &
Parsley and Broccoli Rabe Pinwheels.
New York Breads Daily
Stuffed Breads,Focaccia &
Specialty Breads. Pastries
including Sfuyadels and
Cannoli’s baked & stuffed on
premises. Cookies, &
Traditional Holiday Favorites.
We also carry a large selection of groceries including many hard to find specialty items.
Hot Foods as well as Cold Entrees in heat and eat containers, Fresh Pastas & Pasta Sauces, Imported Olive Oil, Vinegars, Pasta & Tomatoes, Italian Ceramics, Pasta makers and more  .  .  .